Performance Artist, Ph.D. candidate in the department of Art History at the University of Girona (Spain), and Natural Bodybuilder Competitor.
My artist work merges two sides of the same coin: my academic research, and my sports career. I explore the malleability of the body through my own skin, using bodybuilding and body modification as a tool. Through this corporeal practice, I visualize the social pressure exerted on the expectations of the bodies.
In some of my artworks, I challenge myself to the limits of the endurance of the body.
The effort, resistance, and vulnerability are concepts that I explore through my pieces.
I tend to ask about my own identity in relation to my body through uncomfortable positions and an honest gaze.
Putting myself in a vulnerable position, I like to involve with the audience, give voice to them, letting them to weaving the meaning of the piece with freedom.

…letting my body speaks loudly when words are not needed