March 6, 2021
Santa Coloma de Farners, Girona (Spain), Museum La Casa de la Paraula
Performance with audience and broadcasted in live, duration: 10 hours

Photo credits: Albert Collado, David Rueda, and Marta Montserrat

To carry out this performance, there was a period of one week (February 26 – March 5) where through social media, the opportunity to send messages from all over the world where all those who so desired could express personal experiences lived in the key of inequality was offered.
These experiences wove the corporal itinerary that was exposed and performed.
With the body filled with messages from the previous collection week, it was exposed (sitting and hugging my legs) from 10:00 in the morning until 20:00 at night. The artist remained motionless (with some leg movements) before the gaze of the audience, who attended to the piece practically
individually or in very small groups, approaching to read the messages placed on my skin.
The gesture that took place was intended to turn the body into a canvas, as well as a speaker for various discriminatory experiences in terms of gender, sexual orientation, social status, religion, ethnicity, disabilities, and body composition, among others.
The audience was invited to read the messages written on the skin aloud, since it was intended to give voice to these painful experiences with the intention of re-signifying vulnerability (in a positive reading) as a form of alliance, in terms of Judith Butler. In this way, the body was taken as a
political act, and it was giving to it’s the possibility of empowering those experiences.

Throughout the last hour of the action (19:00 – 20:00) took place the part with the most intervention from the audience. In this part of the performance what was intended was, through the golden pigment, linked to the central idea of the Japanese Kintsugi technique (the art of healing
wounds by fixing the broken by embellishing it with the golden pigment, and not making it invisible), the audience repaired these painful, and visualized experiences by painting over them with gold paint, in a ritualistically way.
Video edited (5 minutes) available:
Filmed and edited by Albert Collado
The entire piece (10 hours) available:
Filmed and edited by David Rueda