October 20, 2020
Opening performance to the collective exhibition ‘The other ubiquous. Migrations of the
Fragmented Body’ Panoràmic Festival 2020. Extimicy.
Museum Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona, Spain

Photo credits: Damian Sansone, Eugeni Prieto and Jordi Play

This piece aims to reflect on the internal struggle that can lead to the creation of an identity through this kind of body as a result of muscular construction by female bodybuilders. We could say that through the performance it is intended to illustrate the direction of the same personal
project at the level of performative and academic research.
The main basis of this project is focused on the gesture of the women’s bodybuilders. A debate located between whether a woman’s muscular body can be a tool of resistance, in so much so that it subverts what is expected of it as such; or if on the other hand, it is nothing more than submission to other strategies of bodily and image limitation.
In order to make this struggle visible, I based the action on the duality. On the one hand, through the idea of resistance, related to body expansion, female body shapes have been altered by muscle bulges. On the other hand, it is intended to make visible the idea of absurdity also in force in the
gesture of gaining muscle, subjecting to new limitations imposed by sports regulations. An absurdity illustrated through the barbed wire.

Video: Filmed and edited by Ignasi Valentí