June, 19, 2021 (19:00pm Europe CEST) – June 19th (12:00noon USA CT) 2021
Live performance carried out from the Stairs of the Cathedral of Girona (Spain)
broadcasted to Open Flow by Out of Site (Chicago).

Photo credits: Meritxell Pons and Eugeni Prieto

“Performance weaved from Girona to Chicago. From the word to the voice. From the silence to the expression. From loneliness to collaboration.
Kneeling in front of the broken mirror accompanied by messages from the performance Corporal Cartographies of Vulnerability on the stairs of the Girona Cathedral, trying to repair the cracks and breaks with gold, wearing the eyes covered, may seem like an individual gesture. But… behind it there is a lot of collaboration, it is a gesture that includes many pieces, I would say that even more than fragments of the broken mirror… Without a doubt, it is for me a collective performance.
This is a collective piece, with the audience and their voice, but also with Carron Little who created the poem “For Abilasa Leuenberger. Written in gold by Carron Little” in 2016 and she (and her poem) was the golden thread that has sewn all these pieces together.

Filmed and edited by The Jump Productions.
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