Gilding the Fragmented Self.
Different Textures of the Scars, Different Textures from the Self-Identiti(es)

May 8th (9:30pm USA CT) – May 9th (4:30am Europe CEST) 2021

Photo credits: Ginkgo Produccions. Àlex Casas and Eudald R. Gasull

Live performance carried out from the museum La Casa de la Paraula. Santa Coloma de Farners, Girona (Spain) broadcasted to Flow embody • in site public performance symposium by Out of Site Chicago, hosted by Experimental Sound Studio

Through a delicate subject, it was also intended to weave an intimate and sensitive proposal.
Despite this, and with a short duration (20 minutes), the intention of the piece was seeking to reach the audience and try to awaken sensorially the latent difficulties in repairing these wounds.