July 9, 2022. Ex Abrupto Festival. 2022. Moià Barcelona, Spain.
Collaborative performance with Gemma Albalat and Gisela.

Photo credits: Edu Morato Vila

“Traces” is an attempt to explore the multiple layers that make up an individual’s identity over the course of life. We delve into different perspectives on the very embedded construction of identity, questioning many of the layers that we have been granted as our own, becoming aware of the reflection of those that we do not identify as ours, despite being really part of it. The performative
piece is a body exploration with the pretense of de-construction, reflection and immersion, expressed through the loss of balance, tension, difficulty, effort and loss of sharpness about oneself. What we live and absorb throughout life is transforming us, and no longer only, obviously in a corporeal way, but also what shapes us in our self as individuals, our identity.